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Yoga in Oslo for Ukrainians who fled the war / Ukrainians who have temporary protection in Norway

Welcome to yoga classes at two yoga studios in Oslo.  You don't need to have any previous experience with yoga.

We have yoga equipment you can borrow.

If you don't have yoga clothes, you can get from us.

Welcome to a safe place where you can meet other Ukrainians and do yoga together. The teachers speak Ukrainian and Russian language.

* Medical Yoga & Mindfulness Oslo, Dronningens gate 23 in the City Center close to the Central Train Station.

* Oslo Yoga, Kristiansands gate 2 at Sagene
We have one room inside the cafe at Sagene samfunnshus on the street level, and two other yoga rooms up the stairs.

** For temporarily displaced Ukrainians, all practices are free or by donation.

*** For Ukrainians living permanently in Norway - donations from 125 NOK

Payment in Vipps:
Oslo Yoga - №523755

Medical yoga - № 504193

Ukrainian yoga teachers and Norwegian yoga teachers work as volunteers in this project.

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  • Динамічна йога українською (Oslo Yoga´s studio)

    Tue, Thu, Sat

    Duration Varies

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  • Вдихни - спокій. Видихни - сумніви та тривоги. Наповнюй себе разом з ...


    1 hr 30 min

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