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Our Teachers

Nataliia Pavlushenko

Nataliia is a yoga teacher from Kyiv, Ukraine. She teaches in Ukranian, with a focus on Hatha Flow, Ashtanga yoga and Restorative yoga. She welcomes you to her classes at Oslo Yoga, Sagene.

Nataliia Pavlushenko1.jpg

Victoria Shum

Victoria is a yoga teacher from Kyiv, Ukraine, and she came to Oslo on March 1, 2022. She teaches in Ukranian at Oslo Yoga, Sagene, with a focus on Himalayan Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mindful Yoga and Mindfulness Meditations.

Victoria Shum.jpg

Valentina Shkuratkova

Valentina came to Norway from Pryluky, Ukraine in March 2022, with two children. She is a Fitness and Pilates instructor, teaching in Ukranian at Oslo Yoga, Sagene. Her classes include effective, simple and useful exercises, for women of all ages and any level of physical fitness.

Valentyna Shkurat.jpg

Tania Stesmak

Tania is from Lviv, Ukraine. She teaches in Ukranian, and has her background from Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga Flow. During her lessons at Oslo Yoga, Sagene, Tania works with the body, mind, and nervous system through asanas, pranayamas, and meditation. She is happy to give you advice on healthy food choices.

Tania Stesmak.jpg

Maria Andersen

Maria is born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and has lived in Norway since 1996. She is an instructor in yin-, medical, restorative yoga and TRE (trauma & tension release exercises). She teaches Slow yoga and TRE in Russian at Medisinsk Yoga og Mindfulness Oslo. Maria welcomes you to come as you are, relax and get rid of emotional tension and stress in the body.

Maria Andersen.jpg

Kristin Sofie Kilsti

Kristin Sofie Kilsti teaches yoga at the registration center in Råde, as well as in the town of Moss. Kristin teaches mainly in English using some Russian and Ukrainian phrases. Her favorite kind of yoga is Hatha, because: "I love the combination of strength and peace /quiet that the Hatha yoga poses create in body and mind."

Kristin Sofie Kilsti_edited.jpg

Silje Sridharana Indreeide 

Silje teaches classical yoga with focus on the breath, relaxation and mindfulness in addition to the gentle yoga stretches. She has a passion for making the ancient teachings of yoga practical and easy to adapt in today's modern life. The classes are held in English.

Silje Indreeide.jpg

Jannicke Wiel

Jannicke is the leader of Oslo Yoga. She initiated the project Yoga for Ukrainian refugees in Norway in March 2022 and co-founded the organisation Yoga for Everyone along with Tine Brager Hynne in April 2022. Jannicke teaches new yoga teachers to teach yoga in a trauma-sensitive way.


Tine Brager Hynne

Tine is the co-founder of the organisation Yoga for Everyone along with Jannicke Wiel. She is a yoga teacher and therapist. Tine was the first yoga teacher in Norway to create a special yoga group for women who have been sexually abused, where she supports their healing process through yoga.

Tine Brager Hynne.jpg
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